My Family Story

How it started...

Have you ever wondered what your parents and grandparents were like when they were younger? Have you ever sat and listened to them tell stories of their life experiences? Have you ever looked through old family photos and wondered who certain people in the pictures were? In June of 2014, my 91 year old grandfather died. As we sorted through his things, we came across tons of old pictures and other precious treasures. We were comforted by the memories that these pictures brought our family. As we looked at some, we stopped and wondered about the story behind the picture. He was the patriarch of our family, the last living person from his generation. Oh how we would love to have one more day with him to do nothing more than listen to his life story! What were his grandparents like? Where did he go to elementary school? What were his experiences as a young soldier in England during World War 2? Do you remember the day that you met our grandmother? Tell us all about your wedding day. Tell us about the day that your children were born.

A few weeks after my grandfather died, we remembered a video that we had made 2 years earlier when he came to my classroom to share his experiences of World War 2 on Veteran’s Day with my students. What a treasure it was! We made copies of the video to share with the rest of the family. We love to be able to watch him tell his stories, but we regret that we didn’t have more stories on video. Of course we have stories that all of us remember, but what would happen to those stories in 20 years? Would we remember them? Would we share them with the next generation or would they be lost in history?

We came up with the idea of “My Family Story”. The idea behind it is to capture and record your family’s history on video to have for generations to come. How awesome would it be for your grandchildren to “meet” your grandparents and hear their stories, the story of your family?

We put the idea into action by recording the story of our other living grandmother. We were able to ask her questions about her life from her birth through today. We learned so many interesting things about our family. She shared old family pictures with us and told us the stories behind them. We will forever have this video as a piece of our family history.

We want to share this with others so that you too can have the story of your family captured.